Switches of monorail suspension road profiles M155, M200, I 140 V

Стрелочные переводы монорельсовой подвесной дороги профилей М155, М200, I 140 V
Application area

  • The switchboard of the suspended monorail is used to change the direction of movement of suspended diesel–hydraulic and electrohydraulic locomotives along the mining workings of mines and mines.
  • Manual and pneumatic drive.
  • Possibility of remote control.
  • Two-way, three-way.
  • M155 is a standard profile of a suspended monorail.
  • M200; I 140 V is a reinforced profile of a suspended monorail designed for the transportation of heavy loads.


  • switchboard of a suspended monorail;
  • passport.

The name of the indicator Values
Profile type of monorail suspension road М155, М200, I 140 V
Maximum angle of inclination in the longitudinal direction, deg. 10
Maximum angle of inclination in the transverse direction, deg. 3
The maximum traction force of the locomotive, kN 140
The maximum speed of the locomotive, m/s 2,5

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