Scientific publications

The company OKS regularly publishes articles on current topics of ensuring the safety of mining in the leading industry journals of the Russian Federation.

Publications in industry journals
Журнал "ГЛОБУС: Геология и бизнес" 2022 №2
Polymer materials for ensuring the safety of mining operations
PDF, 1.09 Mb
GLOBUS: Geology and Business Magazine 2022 No. 2
Журнал "Деловая Россия" 2022, №1-2
OKS: Effective solutions for the safe operation of mining enterprises
PDF, 1.41 Mb
Journal "Business Russia" 2022, No.1-2, pp. 18-19
Журнал "ГЛОБУС: Геология и бизнес" 2021 №3
Tubular friction anchor type ATF W-profile of the company "OKS" LLC
PDF, 909.27 Kb
Journal "GLOBUS: Geology and Business" 2021. No. 3 (67), p. 182-183
Журнал "Добывающая промышленность" 2021 №4
Congratulations on the Miner's Day!
PDF, 367.3 Kb
Extractive Industry Magazine 2021 No. 4
Журнал "Горная промышленность" 2021 №3
Ensuring the quality of welded joints of the anchor frame by robotization of production
PDF, 244.6 Kb
Mining Industry Magazine 2021. No.3, pp. 130-134
Журнал "ГЛОБУС: Геология и бизнес" 2020 №2
OKS: efficiency, quality, stability
PDF, 465.22 Kb
GLOBUS: Geology and Business Journal 2020. No.2 (61). pp. 52-53
Журнал "Экономическая стратегия" 2019 №3
OKS: efficiency, quality, stability!
PDF, 673.34 Kb
Economic Strategy Magazine 2019 No. 3
Журнал "ГЛОБУС: Геология и бизнес" 2019 №2
Advertising and information block of the OKS
PDF, 1001.85 Kb
GLOBUS: Geology and Business Magazine 2019 No. 2
Журнал "Добывающая промышленность" 2016 №2
Relevance of the use of steel polymer and polymer supports in mines and mines
PDF, 435.11 Kb
Journal "Extractive Industry" 2016. No.2 (02). pp. 120-121
Журнал "Горная промышленность" 2017 №6
New generation friction anchor
PDF, 616.23 Kb
Mining Industry Magazine 2017. No.6 (136). pp. 54-55