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Terms of use of the site OKS


This Site and all rights relating to the Site belong to LLC OKS.

The term "Site" refers to the collection of web pages located at www.oksib.ru, as well as subdomains, internal folders and individual pages (http://www.oksib.ru). Pages on other addresses that do not meet the above criteria can not be considered parts of the Site.

The terms “OKS”, “OKS Group” and “Company” used on the Site refer to LLC “OKS”, its subsidiaries and affiliates, unless a different context indicates a different meaning. By using this Site, you agree to the General Terms. After you accept the General Rules, they become a legally binding agreement between you and the Company, which you must comply with when you use the Site or Services (“Agreement”). If you do not wish to follow the General Rules, do not use this Site.

From time to time, the Company may change the terms and conditions set forth below. By visiting this Site, you agree that the terms and conditions that apply at the time of the visit apply to you, and that when you visit the Site again, you must re-examine the terms and conditions.

This Site and the software it uses are provided to users "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. The information contained on this Site is not exhaustive. Despite the best efforts of OKS, it may be inaccurate, outdated or inapplicable in a particular situation. The Company is not responsible for any inaccuracies or gaps in the information on this Site (except in cases of intentional distortion).

The Company shall not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, including the loss of expected profit, due to or in connection with a visit to this Site, as well as due to the lack of access to the Site. If you are not satisfied with any element of the Site or do not agree with one of the stated provisions, the only and exclusive way to protect your rights is to stop using the Site.

If you decide to visit this Site, your use of the Site and any disputes regarding the preservation of confidentiality are governed by this Privacy Policy and the above General Terms. OKS reserves the right to make changes to this policy without notifying users. If you continue to use the Site after making changes to this policy, it means that you accept the changes made.

Any information about the Company, its products and services, as well as any other information published on the Website, is provided on the basis of data available to the OKS. At the same time, any such information within the limits established by law cannot be considered a guarantee or obligation on the part of the Company and should not be perceived by the user as information that frees it from having to collect additional data or conduct tests.

Some of the information contained on this Site may be projections or other statements relating to future events or the expected financial performance of the Company. In this regard, the Company warns that any such allegations are only forecasts, while actual events or financial indicators may differ significantly from forecasts. The company is not responsible for the accuracy of any forecasts.

The company has the right to make changes to any section of this Site without prior notice. It may also suspend the operation of individual sections of the Site or the entire Site at any time at its own discretion. OKS does not guarantee the relevance of the information provided on the Site, and the timeliness of its update.

Links to third-party Sites (“hyperlinks”) are not guarantees by the Company with respect to these Sites, and the Company is not responsible for the operation of such Sites and their content; All risks related to the transition through hyperlinks are borne exclusively by the user. The Company is not responsible for the content of other Sites, including sites from which you can access this Site or which you can access from this Site. The company is not responsible for everything related to such sites or links.

Hyperlinks to a third-party Site are provided in good faith and also based on the belief that such a site contains or may contain materials related to the content of this Site. Providing a hyperlink does not mean that the Company has verified or approved the relevant third-party site or its contents, or that it expresses approval, sponsors or is in a contractual relationship with such Site, its owners or providers.

Please keep in mind that information about goods, services and works supplied or performed by the Company or other persons published on this Site is not an offer for a wide range of people. The availability of specific goods, the ability to provide services or perform work, as well as their cost must be agreed upon before the start of cooperation.

The presence on the Site of information about vacancies in the Company is not a guarantee of employment for any persons who sent their resumes in accordance with the established procedure. The actual availability of certain vacancies must be confirmed or refuted by the relevant personnel department. Selection of candidates for specific positions is carried out in accordance with labor legislation.


Your use of this Site as well as the validity of these terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Russian Federation. The courts of the Russian Federation have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to the settlement of disputes that may arise in connection with your use of this Site. By visiting this Site, you openly express your agreement with the subordination of the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation.

Exclusive rights and use of site materials

This Site is owned by OKS. The information contained on the Site, including texts, images, software and other materials, is the property of the Company and is posted on the Site with the permission of the respective authors. The materials on this Site are available to you for non-commercial use - private and for informational purposes. In the case of using materials from this Site (full or partial citation), the placement of a link to the Site or the names of the Company is mandatory. Any reproduction, sale or distribution of the information contained on the Site for commercial purposes is prohibited. Unless otherwise specified, all trademarks and service marks, software, databases, commercial designations, company names and other protected intellectual property presented on the Site are the property of the Company or used by it as part of a license. The use of protected intellectual property objects presented on the Site, including their publication on other sites or Internet resources (including hyperlinks to this Site), without the permission of the Company, violates the Company's exclusive rights and entails prosecution in accordance with the law.


During the development and updating of the Site, the OKS seeks to ensure maximum availability of information and materials. To this end, the Company regularly analyzes the effectiveness of the Site, ensuring its compliance with international best practices and international standards in the field of information accessibility (WCAG).


The company aims to make navigation as user friendly as possible by the following measures:

- simple and clear identification of the titles of sections and pages;

- selection in the menu of the section name in which the user is located;

- the use of an additional navigation menu that highlights the page structure and indicates the location of the user;

- adaptation of navigation tools to various devices (personal computer, tablet or smartphone with a touch screen);

- clear identification of internal and external links;


OKS seeks to use readable fonts and color combinations on the Site.

OKS seeks to preserve the overall structure of the pages and the location of elements on the pages of the Site when using the mentioned functions, however, priority is given to the readability of the content. Therefore, OKS does not guarantee the preservation of the overall structure of the pages in the case of using these functions or their combinations. If the user uses individual settings for displaying pages, including changes to fonts, colors and other parameters, the Company is not responsible for the availability of such information contained on the Site to such user.

Using various access devices and browsers

ACS regularly checks the correctness of the Site display on various devices and in browsers of different versions. However, due to the large number of access devices, screen resolutions, browser versions and ACS window sizes, the Site does not guarantee the same display on all devices.

The site contains interactive elements that use technologies and software that may not be supported by outdated versions of browsers or access devices. In most cases, the software tools of the Site will ensure the replacement of interactive content with identical or as similar as possible in terms of meaning and meaning static content.

If you have difficulty in accessing information or working with the Site on your device or in your browser, the Company recommends the following measures:

- Use a different browser or a different version of the browser;

- Use another access device;

- Send a request for OKS, indicating the following data: (Full name; E-mail address; Request; Type of access device (personal computer / laptop / tablet / smartphone); Model / technical characteristics of the device; Operating system; Browser and version; Reference image; Confirmation of consent on the processing of their personal data.

Site Availability and Disclaimers

ACS takes all possible measures to ensure round-the-clock access to the Site. However, the Company is not liable if for any reason the Site becomes completely or partially inaccessible. Access to the Site may be temporarily suspended or restricted without prior notice in the event of system errors, maintenance of the Site or in order to correct errors, as well as for any reasons that are not controlled by the Company.

The Company does not provide assurances and guarantees regarding the uninterrupted and error-free operation of any functions or services that are part of the Site or Services, or that errors will be corrected and that the Site or server that supports the operation of the Site does not contain viruses or malicious software. provide. The Company  does not provide any representations or warranties regarding the content of the Site, including its correctness, accuracy, reality, completeness, reliability, practicality, reliability, etc.