Mining operations

One of the company's activities is the provision of services for underground mining operations, engineering surveys, preparation of project documentation, construction, reconstruction, capital repairs.

The company has qualified engineering and technical personnel with experience in mining and capital mining operations at the largest mining enterprises in Russia. There is all the necessary permits for conducting mining and capital works*.

* "Association of SRO "SOM"" No. SOM 12/20-605-1781

The main list of works performed:

  • Shotcrete vertical and horizontal workings;
  • Fastening and re-fastening of mine workings, including anchor and arch fasteners of own production;
  • Drilling of wells and vertical shafts with a section of 2-4 m2 at the kpv-4 and robbins complexes;
  • GCR and GPR penetration and self-propelled underground equipment with a cross section from 6 m2 to 40 m2;
  • Waterproofing of mine workings gateways, jumpers, crossings, vent. Channels, degassing wells;
  • Construction and installation works:
    • installation of equipment and metal structures;
    • work on the arrangement of portals;
    • works on the construction of monolithic and reinforced concrete structures;
    • installation/dismantling of communications (pipelines, lighting, cables, etc.);
    • installation/dismantling of conveyor equipment.