Production of non-standard metal products to order

The company OKS accepts orders for the manufacture of non-standard metal products according to your drawings!

As part of the "Industry 4.0." project, in 2020, the equipment park was significantly updated and modernized at the production site of OKS LLC, including the launch of a new KiMi A4 horizontal boring machine.

The KiMi A-4 CNC (numerically controlled) drilling and milling machine is mainly used for processing large and medium-sized parts, suitable for drilling holes and end milling of box parts with many processes, can produce molds of any complexity according to customer drawings and can perform processing:

  • large- sized plane;
  • internal opening;
  • the outer circle;
  • end surface;
  • grooves.

Examples of manufactured products on this machine:

  • molds;
  • flanges;
  • enclosures;
  • brackets;
  • spindles;
  • flywheels;
  • asterisks;
  • levers;
  • dividers;
  • cams;
  • clips, etc.

Main characteristics of the drilling and milling machine:

  • Workpiece weight – up to 5000 kg;
  • Dimensions of the workpiece – up to 3000 mm;
  • Drilling diameter – up to 300 mm;
  • Positioning accuracy – 0,025 mm;