Introduction of lean manufacturing tools

01 November2021

The specialists of the ACS company are actively working and studying within the framework of the National Project "Labor Productivity", together with the experts of the "Regional Competence Center".

One of the key factors that make it possible to successfully increase labor productivity at the enterprise is the introduction of "Lean Production" tools. One of the meetings with the RCC instructors within the framework of the general training program was devoted to this topic.

Benefits for employees when implementing lean manufacturing tools:

1. New knowledge and skills in the management of production systems, which will increase their own value and competitiveness in the labor market.

2. Safe working environment. Creating and maintaining a culture of lean production at the enterprise will eliminate the possibility of injuries in the workplace. Workplaces become as safe as possible.

3. Comfortable and ergonomic workplace. By spending less time searching for raw materials and tools, it is possible to produce more products, increasing personal output and increasing the financial stability of the company.

4. Reducing the load at the same production and maintaining the salary or increasing the output at the same load and increasing the salary.

5. Stability in work and quality of cooperation with the employer, who, due to more efficient production, elimination of losses in processes, reduction of the cost of production, will be able to provide himself and his staff with stable orders.

What you need to do for this:

- Learn lean manufacturing tools.

- Implement lean manufacturing tools by personal example.

- Apply lean manufacturing tools in your work.

- Be a leader of change and an example for colleagues.

- Create a culture of continuous improvement and become a mentor for colleagues.