Round table on import substitution in the coal industry

07 June2022

OKS Company made a report at the round table "Reducing the dependence of the Russian coal industry on imports", organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and Kuzbass, ANP "Miners of Russia", the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, within the framework of the exhibition "Coal of Russia and Mining".

The report is devoted to promising areas of the company's development within the framework of the import substitution project.

Boris Alexandrovich Utrobin, Director of Scientific and Technical Support at OKS, commented on the specifics of working within the current market situation: "The uniqueness of our group of companies is that it includes the only automated plant for the production of unsaturated polyester resins outside the Urals - POLY-SM LLC. Such resin will be used as raw materials for the production of polymer ampoules, fiberglass anchors, fiberglass ladders used in the coal industry.

The production of our own raw materials allows us to quickly change the consumer properties of the final product, such as the uniaxial compressive strength of the cured composition of the polymer ampoule, its curing rate at a specific temperature, its viscosity and fluidity. For example, we produce a polymer ampoule for one of the coal enterprises of Yakutia with a curing rate of 8 seconds at a temperature of 1.5 ° C. We can produce an ampoule with uniaxial compression strength from 50 to 120 MPa for the specific strength characteristics of the host rocks of our customers to ensure the equal