Mine ladder

Трап шахтный
Application area

The running mine ladder is used for the movement of people in horizontal and inclined mine workings of mines and mines. According to the requirements of paragraph 46 of the "Safety Rules in coal mines", approved by the Order of Rostechnadzor No. 550 dated 19.11.2013, inclined mine workings designed for the movement of people are equipped at tilt angles:

  • from 7 to 10° - ladders;
  • from 11 to 25° - ladders with railings;
  • from 26 to 30° - gangways with steps and railings;
  • from 31 to 45° - stairs with horizontal steps and handrails;
  • more than 45° - stair compartments.

Depending on the angle of inclination of the mining, the ladder can be produced in various configurations.

The design makes it easy to assemble several separate ladders into a single highway.


  • mine ladder;
  • passport.


High structural strength, wear resistance;


Easy installation, disassembly;


The possibility of multiple use;


The possibility of using different configurations depending on the angle of inclination of the mining;


High corrosion resistance;


Slip protection;


Light weight;

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