Composite reinforcement

Композитная арматура
Application area

Composite fiberglass reinforcement is made of glass roving impregnated with an epoxy compound, which forms composite rods. Fiberglass reinforcement due to its components has an amazing tensile strength, which is 2.5 - 3 times higher than that of metal reinforcement.

The use of composite reinforcement is rapidly gaining popularity. It is used in the construction of various objects:

- low-rise buildings;
- monolithic construction with light and heavy concrete;
- roadways, the foundation of railways;
- reinforced concrete floor slabs;
- bridges;
- overpasses.


HIGH STRENGTH - 2-3 times stronger than steel reinforcement.


LIGHT WEIGHT - it is much lighter than metal reinforcement, which makes it possible to use it for reinforcing lightweight structures made of cellular concrete and some other building materials. This allows you to significantly reduce the weight of structures that are reinforced with it.


LOW THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY - when using such reinforcement in concrete structures, cold bridges are not formed (which cannot be said about reinforcing elements made of metal), which significantly improves their thermal insulation parameters.


DURABILITY - the service life is more than 80 years.


DURABILITY - this is a dielectric material, which is an advantage of products made of this material. Being a dielectric, carbon fiber reinforcement does not create radio interference inside the building, unlike metal bars. This advantage is important when there are many reinforcing elements in the concrete structure. 


ECONOMY - a meter of fiberglass reinforcement is much cheaper than a meter of steel reinforcement.

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