Lattice tightening

Затяжка решетчатая
Application area

The lattice tightening is made of 4Vr-1, 5Vr-1 wire, wire rods 6 and 6.5 mm heat-treated or thermally treated and is used for fencing horizontal and inclined mine workings in combination with anchor and/or arch supports.


  • lattice tightening in cards or roll;
  • passport.


Name of the indicator


4mm 5mm 6mm 6,5mm
Bearing capacity, kN/m2, nevertheless* 9 12 13 13
Distance between the rods (in axes), mm:
  • longitudinal
  • transverse
    100(50; 70) 100(50; 70; 150; 200)
    Width, mm 500-2000

    * the table shows the minimum load capacity for the largest cell size.

    Meets the requirements of TU 3142-002-16375400-201

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