ATF mesh (armokarkas)

Сетка АТФ (армокаркас)
Application area

The ATF mesh (armokarkas) is made of intertwined and welded steel reinforcing bars of a periodic profile and is used complete with an anchor tubular friction fastener for fencing mine workings in low-resistant rocks and places of intensive fallout.


  • armokarkas (ATP mesh);
  • passport.

Name of the indicator Meaning
Diameter of the mesh rods, mm 10-14
Cell size, mm 50-250
Grid width*, mm 600-950
Mesh length*, mm 600-2850
Breaking force of the mesh rod kN, not less than D = 10 mm - 46 D = 12 mm - 66 D = 14 mm - 90
The fracture force of the welded joint, kN, not less than* 30
Tensile strength of welded joints, MPa, not less 180

* it is possible to manufacture an ATP mesh using contact or manual arc welding at the customer's request.

Patent No. 193246 was obtained for a section of anchor support, including an ATP mesh (armokarkas), a support washer, a tubular friction anchor of the ATP W-profile type

Meets the requirements of TU 3142-020-16375400-2014

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