ZPP lock for SVP-17;22;27;33 (with a straight bar from the sidewall of the SVP profile)

Замок ЗПП для СВП-17;22;27;33 (с прямой планкой из боковины профиля СВП)
Application area

The lock bracket is used to connect the elements of the frame support from a special interchangeable profile during its assembly.


  • bracket with nuts;
  • plank made of SVP profile or sheet metal;
  • passport.


The name of the indicator


The diameter of the bracket, mm 20 24 24 30
Thread designation М20 М24 М24 М30
Length of the bar, mm 250 290 290 350

Meets the requirements of TU 3142-007-16375400-2015 and GOST 31560-2012

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