Composite washer made of composite materials SHSK

Шайба составная из композитных материалов ШСК
Application area

A composite washer made of SHSK composite materials is used as a support damping element of the anchor support. It can be used with both metal and fiberglass anchors. The advantage of a composite washer over a standard plastic support washer is increased strength combined with high malleability.


The name of the indicator


SHSK-200 SHSK-265
Appearance Round washer made of two composite elements connected to each other in a single structure
Diameter of the outer element, mm 200±1 265±1
Diameter of the inner element, mm 120±1
Diameter of the hole for the anchor, mm 26,5
Washer height, mm 44±1 43±1
Bearing capacity, kN, not less 150 115
Malleability, mm, not less 7 20

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