Anchor anchor metal screw KAMSH

Крепь анкерная металлическая шнековая КАМШ
Application area

Anchor metal screw anchorage is used for fixing unstable layered salt and clay rocks in mine workings. Anchor fixing is carried out mechanically by screwing into a hole of a smaller diameter than the diameter of the anchor.


  • round steel rod with screw knurling (thread);
  • support washer;
  • passport.

Name of the parameter Meaning
Temporary tensile resistance of the anchor rod material, MPa, not less 240
Bearing capacity, kN, not less 80
Outer diameter of the screw surface, mm 31,6-1,6
Inner diameter of the screw surface, mm 19-1,3
Turn step, mm 30±3
The angle at the top of the turn 45±5,0°
Anchor length, mm 1500±90
Shank for a flat support washer
Length, mm 50±10
Width, mm 33-40
Thickness, mm 10±1,0
Shank for spherical support washer
The size of the wrench, mm 36
Diameter of the hole, mm 25-27
Length, mm 40±10
Width, mm 36±0,5
Thickness, mm 19±5
Weight of the support, kg, no more 4,5
Support washer
Thickness, mm 8-12
Width, mm 100±3*
Length, mm 100±3*

* - in agreement with the customer, the support washer can be of other sizes.

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