Friction anchorage type ATF "W"-profile

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A unique development of the company OKS is a tubular friction ATF W-profile anchor. Utility model patent RU 170365 U1 dated 07.06.2016 It is used for fixing the roof and sides of underground mine workings of mines and mines. Anchor fixing is carried out by transferring the forces arising in the anchor rod due to the elastic properties of the metal when installing the anchor in a hole of a smaller diameter than the diameter of the anchor on the walls of the hole.


Scientific research conducted by the Kuzbass State University named after T.F. Gorbachev has shown: a friction anchor with a W-shaped cross section, which is 16% lighter than an analog of an anchor with a C-shaped cross section, provides 1.6 times greater bearing capacity, which is the most effective way to increase the bearing capacity of an anchor support with friction fastening developed at today in Russia and abroad!

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The ATP delivery package includes:

  • anchor, which is a hollow metal rod made of a special profile with faces bent inwards with a welded cylindrical ring;
  • the support washer is a hemispherical plate;
  • in agreement with the consumer, ATP is equipped with a special reinforcing mesh, which is a rectangular mesh of interlaced reinforcing rods with a diameter of 10-14 mm made of reinforcing steel A-III (A400) or A-I (A240);
  • a real passport.


The unique design of the ATP W-profile has a number of advantages over the standard ATP C-profile anchor:


When installed in a hole of a smaller diameter, the faces bent inward elastically close and create additional bursting forces on the walls of the hole, which leads to an increase in the strength of anchoring the anchor in the hole, and, accordingly, the bearing capacity.


When replacing the bearing capacity of the ATF W-profile anchor support in real conditions of Russian mines, the load on the anchor reached 260 kN or 26 tc in the absence of anchor movement in the hole.


When installed in a hole of a smaller diameter, the faces bent inwards do not close rigidly, as can happen in the case of an ATF C-profile anchor, which allows you to maintain the pliability of the anchor support during displacements of the rock mass.


Due to the faces bent inwards, the core of the ATP W-profile anchor has a 32% greater bending strength than the ATF C‑profile anchor, as evidenced by Test Report No. 7-1887/2017-I dated 14.09.2017, issued by JSC NC VostNII. This property allows you to neutralize the errors of the SBU driver when installing the anchor in the hole and reduce the number of bent anchors during installation to a minimum.

Name of the parameter Execution*
Anchor diameter**, mm 46±1 47±1 48±1
Hole diameter****, mm 39-43 40-44 41-45
Anchor wall thickness, mm 3-3,2 3-3,2 3-3,2
Estimated bearing capacity of the anchor kN, not less than 90-110 100-130 120-150
Overall dimensions of the support washer**, mm - length x width - thickness 100х100; 150х150; 200х200; 250х250

* - execution is possible from steel grade St3 or other steel grades, including with special anticorrosive coatings in agreement with the customer in accordance with the requirements of SP 28.13330.2017;

** - it is allowed to manufacture anchors of other diameters, washers of other sizes in agreement with the customer;

*** - determined by the results of calculations;

**** - determined by the results of pilot tests;

***** - if the ratio of the diameter of the anchor and the diameter of the hole is changed to other than those indicated in the table, the manufacturer disclaims responsibility for the bearing capacity of the anchors.

Meets the requirements of GOST 31559-2012

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