Anchor screw fiberglass support AVSP

Analogues: MGSL, Файреп
Анкерная винтовая стеклопластиковая крепь АВСП
Application area

AVSP screw fiberglass anchorage is used for fixing the roof and sides of preparatory and capital mining workings of mines and mines. Anchoring of the anchor in the hole is carried out by means of an ampoule with a polyester and /or mineral composition or by a mechanical locking method using a wedge-shaped lock. It is possible to use an AVSP type anchor in construction as an alternative to steel reinforcement.


  • fiberglass rod;
  • plastic support washer (it is possible to use a two-part washer);
  • plastic nut;
  • passport.


It is not capable of causing frictional sparking when interacting with moving mechanisms


Lighter than steel rebar rolled products of similar diameter by 9 times


It has a high tensile strength exceeding the tensile strength of steel reinforcing bars of similar diameter; it is not subject to corrosion


Does not accumulate an electrostatic charge


Does not have magnetic properties



The name of the indicator Meaning
Outer diameter of the rod profile, mm 4; 6; 8; 10; 12; 14; 16; 18; 20; 23; 25
Tensile strength, MPa, not less 1000
Bending strength, MPa, not less 1100
The ultimate strength when cutting across the fibers, MPa, not less 150
Bearing capacity of the support, kN, not less 70*
Bearing capacity of the anchor rod, kN, not less 100
Destructive torque during rod torsion, N·m, not less than 65
Destructive torque when cutting the nut membrane, N·m 14,7….24,5

* bearing capacity of the anchor Ø20, Ø23, Ø25 with washer and nut when fixed with fast-hardening resins at a length of at least 0.5 m or with a wedge lock.

Meets the requirements of technical specifications 22.29.29-010-16375400-2017 and GOST 31559-2012

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