Wedge-shaped anchorage AKR16

Analogues: КРА
Анкерная крепь клинораспорная АКР16
Application area

The anchor wedge-type anchorage AKR 16 made of reinforced rolled screw profile is designed for fixing the roof and sides of capital and preparatory mining workings of mines and mines. Fixing the anchor in the hole is carried out by a mechanical locking method due to the expansion of the lock cheeks with a special wedge nut.


  • rod made of reinforced rolled screw profile;
  • wedge - shaped lock;
  • the nut is spherical;
  • support washer;
  • passport.


The name of the indicator


АKR16-32 АKR16-43
Temporary tensile resistance of the anchor rod material, MPa, not less 240
Bearing capacity, kN, not less 65
Rod diameter, mm 16
Number of cheeks in the lock, pcs 3
Diameter of the hole, mm 30-35 40-45
Height of the support washer, mm 18-33
Length and width of the support washer, LxW, mm 100х100; 150х150; 200х200; 250х250; 300х300
The thickness of the support washer, mm 3-8

Meets the requirements of TU 3142-008-16375400-2016 and GOST 31559-2012

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