Friction anchorage type ATP "CR"-profile

Анкерная крепь фрикционная типа АТФ "CР"-профиля
Application area

The anchorage of the tubular friction ATF CP profile is a hollow metal tube with a longitudinal slot along the entire length, with a truncated cone at one end and a support ring welded at the other end to hold the support element. The anchor is made with pre-applied periodically repeated stiffening corrugations located transversely relative to the longitudinal axis of the anchor.

Anchorage tubular friction ATF CP-profile is used for fixing the sides and roof of mine workings of mines and mines. Anchorage tubular friction ATF CP-profile is a support with friction fastening. Anchoring is carried out due to the elastic properties of the metal by installing it in a hole of a smaller diameter than the diameter of the anchor, which causes the transfer of force from the anchor body to the walls of the hole.


  • anchor;
  • support washer;
  • ATP mesh (armokarkas) – if necessary;
  • passport.


The use of stiffening corrugations on the anchor surface makes it possible to achieve greater resistance of the anchor to radial compression during installation, and, as a result, greater pressure on the walls of the hole, and hence higher load-bearing capacity


The use of stiffening corrugations on the anchor surface allows to achieve higher rigidity (resistance to longitudinal bending) anchors, which allows you to level out the errors of the SBU operator when installing the anchor in the hole


A more rigid design allows you to reduce the thickness of the anchor wall without losing key characteristics, which reduces the metal consumption of the support, which means its cost and weight

Name of the parameterMeaning
Anchor bearing capacity***, kN, not less 85**** 100****
Bearing capacity of the thrust ring, kN, not less 75
Temporary tensile resistance of the anchor rod material, MPa, not less 450
Relative elongation of the anchor rod material, %, not less 25
Anchor diameter*, mm 39±1 47±1
Hole diameter**, mm 32-36 40-44
Anchor wall thickness, mm 2,0-3,5
Overall dimensions of the support washer*, mm - length x width - thickness 100х100; 150х150; 200х200; 250х250 4-8
The diameter of the hole of the support washer, mm, no more 44 54

* execution is possible from steel grade St3 or other steel grades, including with special anticorrosive coatings in agreement with the customer in accordance with the requirements of SP 28.13330.2012;

** it is allowed to manufacture anchors of other diameters, washers of other sizes in agreement with the customer;

*** when changing the ratio of the anchor diameter and the hole diameter to those other than those specified in Table 1, the manufacturer disclaims responsibility for the bearing capacity of the anchors.

**** - determined by the results of pilot tests.

A patent for utility model No. 190217 was obtained for the anchor tubular friction support of the ATP CP-profile type. Complies with GOST No. 31559.

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