Friction anchorage type ATF "C"-profile

Analogues: СЗА, ТФА, Split Set rock bolts, Самозакрепляющаяся анкерная крепь
Анкерная крепь фрикционная типа АТФ "C"-профиля
Application area

Anchorage tubular friction ATF is used for fixing the sides and roof of mine workings of mines and mines. Anchoring is carried out due to the elastic properties of the metal by installing it in holes of a smaller diameter than the diameter of the anchor, which causes the transfer of force from the anchor body to the walls of the hole.


  • a rod made of steel tube with a longitudinal slot along the entire length and a welded support ring;
  • support washer;
  • ATP mesh (armokarkas) – if necessary;
  • passport.

Name of the parameter Meaning
ATF39 АТF42 АТF46 АТF47 АТF48 АТF49***
Anchor bearing capacity***, kN, not less 72 80 86 88 92 97
Bearing capacity of the thrust ring, kN, not less 75
Temporary tensile resistance of the anchor rod material, MPa, not less 410
Relative elongation of the anchor rod material, %, not less 25
Anchor diameter*, mm 39±1 42±1 46±1 47±1 48±1 49±1
Hole diameter**, mm 32-36 35-39 39-43 40-44 43-45 43-46
Anchor wall thickness, mm 2,5-3,2
Height of the support washer, mm 18-33
Overall dimensions of the support washer*, mm - length x width - thickness 100х100; 150х150; 200х200; 250х250 4 (5,6,7,8)
The diameter of the hole of the support washer, mm, no more 44 48 52 54 55 56

* it is allowed to manufacture anchors of other diameters, washers of other sizes in agreement with the customer;

** the optimal diameter of the hole is determined experimentally depending on specific mining and geological conditions. If the ratio of the diameter of the anchor and the diameter of the hole is changed to other than those indicated in Table 1, the manufacturer is not responsible for the bearing capacity of the anchor support;

*** determined by the results of bench tests;

**** **** ATV 49 is recommended to be used in highly fractured rocks with further filling of the installed anchor with a cement mixture.

Meets the requirements of TU 3142-020-16375400-2014 and GOST 31559-2012

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