Preliminary results of the first stage of the national project "Labor Productivity"

26 November2021

Today, as part of the participation in the national project "Labor Productivity", the company OKS held an information day and summed up the first results of the program. Within the framework of the reporting meeting, project managers and leaders of the directions "Decomposition of goals", "Optimization of flows" and "Training" made reports on the work done.

During the analysis of the pilot flow, 24 bottlenecks were identified in the reference section, 22 of which have already been eliminated at the moment, thanks to which the following results were achieved:

reduction of process flow time by – -64%
increase in output per shift – +169%
reduction of work–in-progress balances - -37%
The results of the training of the working group on programs have been summed up:

"Fundamentals of Lean manufacturing";
"Implementation of the improvement project";
"5S in production";
"Autonomous maintenance";
"7 types of losses", etc.
Plans for the next 3 months of joint work have been announced, namely:

implementation of a system for receiving suggestions for improvements;
implementation of a training and mentoring system;
conducting a final analysis of the results achieved on the pilot stream;
continuing training of the company's employees in the basics of lean manufacturing;
continue training internal lean production trainers, who will continue to independently teach the company's employees the basics of lean production.
As a result of the work done, the leaders of the changes who made the most significant contribution to the overall result were awarded!