Application area
We manufacture flanges of any diameter according to the customer's specifications!

The flanges are designed for hermetically connecting fittings to pipelines, as well as for connecting pipes to each other.

It is possible to manufacture the following types of flanges according to GOST 33259-2015:

- flat welded steel flanges;
- steel flat free flanges on the welded ring;
- steel flat free flanges on the flanging;
- flat steel flanges free on the clamp for welding;
- butt-welded steel flanges;
- the flanges of the valve body.

These types of flanges can be manufactured with the following versions of sealing surfaces:

- with a flat surface;
- with connecting ledge;
- with a spike;
- with a groove;
- with a ledge;
- with a hollow;
- under the oval section gasket;
- under the lens gasket.


  • batch of flanges;
  • passport.

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