Composite lattice flooring

Analogues: GFK, GRP, FRP настилы
Композитный решетчатый настил Композитный решетчатый настил
Application area
Composite lattice flooring POLY-CM® (POLY-CM is part of the OKS group of companies) - it is made by casting from unsaturated polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass. The flooring is designed to provide safe, durable, cost-effective and reliable solutions in conditions where aggressive environments and corrosive substances destroy metals and other structural materials.

It is used in mining enterprises as an analogue of welded lattice flooring in construction and various industries in the arrangement and construction of industrial platforms, ladders, bridges, etc.

Industrial tests have shown that the specific strength of POLY-CM composite lattice flooring exceeds the strength of fiberglass decking from other manufacturers and is comparable to the strength of metal decking.

Composite decking is difficult to burn and does not accumulate an electrostatic charge, which is confirmed by the test protocols for the flammability group according to GOST 12.1.044 and for electrostatic safety according to GOST 31441.1 and GOST 31610.0 (protocols are available on request).

Service life: up to 25 years
Standard cell size: 38x38x38 (mm)
Maximum sheet size: 1528x4040 (mm)

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Compared with traditional welded flooring (ladder), composite flooring has the following advantages:

1. Ease of cutting. Fiberglass flooring sheets are cut arbitrarily without loss of bearing properties. For cutting, it is enough to use a grinder.

2. Easy installation. The flooring can be installed manually and dismantled without the involvement of additional equipment. Do not lose their properties during disassembly and re-installation.

3. Lack of care. Unlike metal grating, plastic flooring does not require staining, since the necessary pigments are part of the feedstock.

4. Security. Fiberglass grilles are absolutely not subject to corrosion, do not require maintenance during operation and are protected from fire.


ECONOMY allows you to significantly reduce the costs of installation, maintenance and transportation.


LOW WEIGHT composite lattice decking is 4 times lighter than metal analogues.


CHEMICAL RESISTANCE high resistance to aggressive environments, which significantly extends the service life.


ANTI-CORROSION the absolute corrosion resistance of the material allows you to maintain its integrity and reliability throughout its service life.

The name of the indicator, unit of change.The value of the indicator
Appearance the surface is smooth, there are no defects in the form of bubbles, inclusions of foreign particles, etc.
Tensile strength, MPa 6 - 11 
Compressive strength, MPa 29 - 49 
Young's module, GPa 42 - 45 
Maximum load, kg/m2 2600
Impact load (falling of a solid body weighing 32 kg from a height at which the flooring will not collapse), m, not less 4,0 
Indicators of resistance to chemical media Qualitative assessment of changes (no changes)

Meets the requirements of technical specifications 23.14-002-20188744-2022

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