Metal trapezoidal support KMT

Крепь металлическая трапециевидная КМТ
Application area

Frame supports metal trapezoidal KMT (rigid) are used for fixing capital and preparatory mining workings of mines and mines.


  • the upper part and the racks are made of a special interchangeable profile;
  • spacer brackets;
  • struts;
  • passport.

The name of the indicator The value of the indicator for supports with a cross section in the light before precipitation S10 m2, made of rolled SVP or similar rolled products weighing A*, kg/m
Cross section in the light S0 m2, SVP special profile number 4,7-6,0 SVP17 6,1-15,4 SVP22 7,1-20,0 SVP27 15,5-20,0 SVP33
The maximum bearing capacity of the frame, kN, not less 66,4-56,2 49,9-69,9 67,4-85,3 91,4
The length of the upper part, mm (main applications) 2300-2900 2900-4500 3000-4600 4400-4700

Meets the requirements of TU 3142-004-16375400-2015, TU 3142-005-16375400-2015 and GOST R 53960-2010

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