Washer with lock

Шайба с фиксатором Шайба с фиксатором
Application area

Scope of application: the support washer with a retainer is used as a support and damping element of the anchor support with the possibility of installing and fixing the mesh (lattice tightening) with a special reinforcement clamp and retainer.

The support washer with a lock is a rectangular or square metal plate with a hemispherical bulge 1 in the central part with a central hole 2 for the anchor and a bent end 3 along one of the sides. In the bent end of the support washer, a hole 4 is made for reliable fastening of the retainer. The retainer 5 is made of rolled round profile and is a metal pin, flattened at one end, and bent at right angles at the other end to shift the center of gravity and secure fixation in the support washer. The retainer 6 is made of reinforcing rods welded together at right angles. The washer with a lock is shown in Figure 2.

The use of a support washer with a lock on the example of a tubular friction support is carried out as follows.
After drilling holes, a rod with an adapter (punch) is installed on the boom of the feeder of a self-propelled drilling rig (SBU) or on a manual drill instead of a drill rod. Next, the anchor is put on the punch with the tail part and installed in the guide (lunette). A support washer is installed on the anchor. The head end of the cone-shaped anchor is inserted into a hole of a smaller diameter than the diameter of the anchor and by the impact of the forward action of the perforator on the tail part, the anchor is sent to the moment of compression by the support washer of the rock mass. Next, an enclosing mesh 7 is put on the bent end 3 of the support washer, pressed by a retainer 6 made of welded reinforcing rods, which in turn is pressed by a retainer 5. The design of the retainer 5 is made in such a way that its spontaneous fall to the soil of the workings is excluded, and therefore the support washer does not require preliminary positioning. When using other types of anchor fastening, only the method of installing the anchor changes, the method of installing the anchor support washer with a lock does not change.


It does not require positioning during installation due to the special design of the retainer, unlike the wedge retainer


When falling on the soil of the mining of the retainer, it does not damage the wheels of self-propelled machines, unlike the wedge retainer


It can have different sizes of both the washer itself and the spherical protrusion

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