Mounting plate

Application area

The mounting plate will be used for the installation of communications (cable products, pipes, etc.) in the workings of mines and mines.

The mounting plate is a rectangular metal plate 1 with a central hole 2 for the anchor, the edges 3 of which are bent towards the rock mass, with two slots 4 for the holders 5 of pipe products, and a metal rod 6 with a washer and a cotter pin for fixing the cable suspension complete with two holders 5 of pipe products, which are curved under the profile of the pipe is metal plates. The holders 5 can be of various sizes depending on the diameter of the pipes to be installed. The diameter of the anchor hole 2 in the mounting plate may be different depending on the diameter of the anchor.

To install the mounting plate, both anchors used for the main fastening and short anchors with a length of 1200 mm can be used.

After installing the mounting plate on the anchor, a pipe product holder is inserted and fixed into the lower slot in the mounting plate, on which the pipeline is laid. Then, a pipe product holder is inserted and fixed into the upper slot of the mounting plate of the anchor support and the pipeline is laid on it. Next, a cable suspension is put on the metal rod 6, pressed with a washer and fixed with a cotter pin. Cable products are placed on the cable suspension.


  • mounting plate;
  • pipe product retainers;
  • washer, cotter pin for fixing cable suspensions;
  • cable suspensions in the required quantity;
  • passport.


Reducing the complexity of installing communications due to a simple scheme of laying pipes and cables


Does not require the use of special fasteners, because it can be installed on the anchorage used


Performs several functions simultaneously – supports for pipes and for cable products


Cable suspensions can be easily dismantled and reused, which reduces the cost of installing communications


The simple and durable metal construction of the mounting plate ensures the reliability of the installation of communications in the mining


The plastic suspensions supplied with the mounting plate are made of durable, lightweight and inexpensive polymer material The collapsible design of the plastic cable suspension allows, if necessary, to quickly adjust the number of hooks for cable products


The universal design of the mounting plate allows you to configure it for any tasks related to the installation of communications or equipment in mining

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