The anchor support of the hydraulic GRA

Анкерная крепь гидрораспорная ГРА Анкерная крепь гидрораспорная ГРА
Application area

The anchor anchor hydraulic GRA is used for fastening the sides and roof of mine workings of mines, mines, subways and tunnels. Fixing in the hole is carried out due to the expansion of the anchor body due to the pressure of water pumped by a special pump into the inner cavity of the anchor.


  • anchor;
  • support washer;
  • passport.


High load-bearing capacity;


It can be installed in holes of various diameters;


Starts working immediately after installation;


it can be installed both in manual mode with the help of a pump, and in automatic mode with the help of a self-propelled drilling rig anchor;


Does not require additional materials for fixing in the hole.

The name of the indicator     Meaning
Anchor diameter*, mm  28±1 
Hole diameter**, mm  32-39
Anchor wall thickness***, kN, not less
Anchor bearing capacity***, kN, not less 90
Temporary resistance of the anchor rod material, MPa, not less 400
Relative elongation of the anchor rod material, %, not less 30
Sleeve diameter, mm 30 
Head diameter, mm 30/36 
Overall dimensions of the support washer*, mm - length x width - thickness 100х100; 150х150; 200х200; 250х250; 4-8 
Water pressure for bursting the anchor in the hole, bar 300 

* - it is allowed to manufacture anchors of other diameters, washers of other sizes in agreement with the customer;

** - when changing the ratio of the diameter of the anchor and the diameter of the hole to other than those indicated in the table, the manufacturer is not responsible for the bearing capacity of the anchor support;

*** - determined by the results of bench tests

Meets the requirements of technical specifications 25.11.23-022-16375400-2020 .

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