Working meeting with the Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

19 February2021

The OKS Company, together with other industrial partners of the Kuzbass REC, heads of research institutes and universities of the Kemerovo Region, took part in a working meeting with Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Alexey Medvedev and Director of the Strategic Development Department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The main topic of the discussion was the cooperation of science and business within the framework of the activities of the REC "Kuzbass", an assessment of the amount of work done and the level of implementation of target indicators and benchmarks was given.

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The following issues were put forward for discussion, among others::

Features of scientific and industrial cooperation in the region.

Is there a reorientation of the research and development sector in the region to the needs of business? How does this manifest itself?

What are the difficulties of forming an effective scientific and industrial cooperation in the region?

What incentive measures exist to attract extra-budgetary funds to the implementation of the program of activities of the REC "Kuzbass"?

Problems of commercialization of developments prepared within the framework of the activities of the REC "Kuzbass", on the example of large scientific and technical projects of participants and industrial partners of the REC.

The ratio of the organization's costs to the cost of the technology/product being developed;

Difficulties in building a marketing strategy for commercialization;

The efficiency of the output of the received products at the regional / federal / world levels.

Presentations were made by representatives of the largest industrial enterprises, industrial partners of the REC "Kuzbass":

  • Sergey N. Aparin - Director of Stroydorexport LLC

  • Anatoly A. Ivushkin - Chairman of the Board of Directors of LLC "OK "Sibshakhtostroy"

  • Vyacheslav V. Markov - Managing Director of JSC "RUSAL Novokuznetsk Aluminum Plant"

  • Alexander S. Soykin - General Director of LLC "OKS"

  • Alexey Vladimirovich Medvedev - Head of the Environmental Safety Department of JSC Kuzbassrazrezugol Management Company

  • Pyrin Alexey Anatolyevich - Director of Personnel and Social Affairs of the Siberia Division

  • Savkin Pavel Aleksandrovich - General Director of LLC "Mining Technologies"

  • Shokhin Yaroslav Yuryevich - Head of the Experimental Production Department of KAO "AZOT"